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  1. Logitarian
    December 2, 2018 @ 4:20 am

    There’s an unfortunate irony to all this: what is decried by the author of the Huffington Post article as “unfairness” is actuality the basis for most advancements in modern human society. Historically, individuals have been able to benefit their fellow man after first building up capital. Henry Ford’s capital was utilized to mass produce affordable vehicles, benefiting millions. The ideas, products and designs of entrepeneurs, coupled with a drive for profit, yield technological innovations which have made all of our lives easier. In the Huffington Post article the homes of neighbors were likely saved as a similar form of collateral benefit. If more power were given to individuals always pushing for “fairness”, there’s no telling what damage their “good intentions” would cause, and what beneficial innovations their actions would prevent from ever happening.


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